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    Xi'an Manareco New Materials Co., Ltd.


    R&D Technologies


    The company has more than 300 researchers, of which more than 6% have master's degree or above, and 56% have bachelor's degree or above. The number of researchers accounts for over 22% of company’s staff.

    Xi'an Manareco was recognized as "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" in 2006. The building area is 10,605 square meters, and it has more than 400 sets of experimental equipment and more than 100 sets of analytical and testing equipment. They can conduct various technical work, such as synthetic process development and optimization, product evaluation, pilot-scale study, structural analysis, trace impurity detection, compound design, device development, etc.

    Innovation not only serves as our corporate gene, but also gives us the greatest confidence. The company has formed a multi-dimensional research and development system, which is led by project development department, dominated by Liquid Crystal Research Department, OLED Research Department and Pharmaceutical Research Department. The Pilot-scale Research Department is in charge of industrialization experiments, the QC Department is responsible for quality assurance, and the Process Reengineering Research Department completes optimization and exploration of existing chemical reactions. In the research and development stage, FMEA management system is used to collect and record the data of R&D experiment in the whole process, which lays a good foundation for subsequent large-scale and standardized production.

    LCD R&D Laboratory:

    There are 8 international standard laboratories, equipped with short-path distillation equipment KD6, short-path distillation apparatus, explosion-proof high-pressure preparative chromatograph and other full-featured experimental equipment. Every year, nearly 100 new products are developed, and the trial production of kilogram-grade products is undertaken.

    OLED R&D Laboratory and Ultra-clean Laboratory:

    With 13 R&D laboratories, nearly 100 new products are developed annually, covering the synthesis of materials and intermediates of OLED electron transport layer, luminescent layer (red, green, blue), and hole transport.

    Ultra-clean laboratory has 100, 1,000 and 10,000 grade clean areas, covering more than 3600 square meters, which is equipped with international advanced sublimation and purification equipment, evaporation equipment, IVL photoelectric performance testing system and life testing system for OLED material products. The laboratory has the ability to sublimate and purify 90 kg/m high-quality products, masters the mainstream device technology in the industry which can use OLED top-emitting devices and bottom-emitting devices to quickly and accurately characterize OLED materials and the evaluation ability reaches the application level in the industry, undertakes a number of provincial and ministerial-level technology development projects, among which a 863 national project "A new-type of efficient phosphorescent materials" has successfully passed the national evaluation, and publishes more than 20 related papers and obtains more than 30 patents.

    Pharmaceutical R&D Center:

    There are 9 modern laboratories established in accordance with international standards. The laboratory is divided into test area and analysis and detection area, equipped with advanced central air conditioning, omnidirectional monitoring camera, two explosion-proof reagent cabinets, high performance gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography.